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to be much more progress made on all kinds of fronts in the healthcare arena when it comes to criminal justice. recreational opportunities for kids, and that sort of what has happened here needs to be assessed in the long term, whether we need to look at whether kids are graduating from college at higher rates and whether or not they're able to come back to new orleans and find safe communities to live in and jobs where they can support their families without having to work 80 hours a week. >> good evening. i'm racquel dylan and i would like to say a special thanks to miss sara and how her heart was -- continue on. [applause] >> thank you. they put up with me for a long time so i'm very grateful to them. they have very busy lives and were very gracious about making time for me again and again so this book would not have been possible without them. >> congratulations, sara. -- sarah, and i would challenge you to not consider yourself a teacher or good teacher, because having red the book there are multiple ways to convey ideas and have them installed in our lives, so congratulations. >>
's going to be growing in the future. now you can go to and sign up for current up to date information about the development in the marketplaces across the country but what we also understand as a lot of people, they don't go to they're not aware of government web sites and really it's not something they're familiar with so this is why it's crisply -- critically focusing on partners. whether it's their health center or community center or a school. the resources that are already at their disposal if you can link to this information without much in the hard-to-rhard-to-r each communities. we have a marketplace with it which is this i.t. term you can put on your web site so that people are going to your web site they can click on on the web site and immediately go to with relevant marketplace information and it's much more likely they will go to your web site but for them to get the correct information about this this important opportunity it's important which is why they encourage you all to put that on your web site. stay it's not necessarily
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2